Image-Powered Merchandising Optimization for Fashion

We help fashion brands and retailers to offer the right products in the optimum quantities and sizes, to maximize profits while minimizing waste.

Increase Full-Price Revenue by Offering the Right

Prediktia learns both from each company’s data and from the trends that are relevant to their target market and allows merchandising teams to build winner portfolios, optimized both for revenue and profits.​

Healthier and More Predictable Cashflows and Profitability

Experience accurate demand forecasts and inventory planning that will increase alignment between product, merchandising, sales, and finance teams.​

Optimize Inventories and Minimize

Our AI-Powered inventory optimization models allow fashion brands and retailers to order just what they need, no more, no less. This is our whole mission: to help fashion companies meet their profitability and sustainability goals with high levels of precision.

This is How
Our Platform works

Prediktia helps you anticipate market trends and consumer preferences to enhance new product development and inventory optimization. One of the most important variables to predict how successfully a product will sell is how it looks, this is why our predictive models leverage computer vision to offer a revolutionary approach to merchandising and inventory optimization.


Once we are done with the integration process with your ERP. Simply upload your supplier's catalog, containing the SKU code, image, price and materials.

Customize your model by adding your constraints

Fill in the constraints to customize your prediction. Alternatively, the model will offer suggestions solely based on its own training data, relevant external factors, industry’s best practices, etc.


Here's where the magic happens and Prediktia's forecasting model comes into play. Our algorithms take into account the visual characteristics of each product, its similarities to previously existing ones, and relevant fashion trends among other external variables, to provide data-driven recommendations: best products to offer, optimum order quantities, optimum size curves.

  • Vision Models, Compare and Cluster Multiple Products.
  • Fashion-specific predictive models, forecast demand for each product.
  • Relevant fashion trend’s data is incorporated into the model in order to adjust the initial forecast.
  • Finally, an optimization layer calculates optimal order quantities taking into account the costs of potential stockouts, overstocks, reordering, etc.

Our Solutions


Reduce Overstocks and Understocks by up to 70%

Just like you, we understand that a product's most important data point is how it looks. Hence, our models leverage Computer Vision technologies to generate actionable merchandising insights, considering each product's visual characteristics. As a result, Prediktia will help your company increase full-price revenue and profit margins by minimizing unnecessary discounts while also reducing lost sales of winning products.

Make Better Merchandising Decisions by Anticipating New Products' Performance

Maximize your product portfolio's performance by recognizing your winning products ahead of time and stocking them accordingly. Take calculated risks with products that are potential stars and discard those that definitely won't be a good match for your target audience. 


Monitor and Improve Performance

Leverage Vision-Powered Analytics to monitor and boost the performance of existing products. Identify your portfolio stars, average performers, and low performers, and implement strategic tactics for each category. Automate in-season merchandising tasks, improve performance, and capitalize on your learnings for future collections.

Prediktia integrates seamlessly with most ERP and OMS systems